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Art Truc Troc & Design 2020

Art Truc Troc
& Design


Art Truc Troc & Design // 14 - 15 - 16 FEBRUARY 2020

A ticket for the planet ! Where ? What ? How ? How much ?

What can we trade ?

USED batteries (10 minimum), USED bulbs (2 minimum), small BROKEN or IN WORKING ORDER electronic appliances, CAR tyres ONLY, and USED frying oil or grease (1L or 1KG minimum).

Where and how can we trade ?

Be careful ! Depending on you TYPE OF TROC, the meeting point is different.
• INSIDE THE MUSEUM. For your batteries/bulbs/electronic appliances, meet us in the HALL HORTA, inside the museum and go to the stand linked to your troc : STAND RECUPEL for your bulbs and small appliances or STAND BEBAT for your batteries.
• OUTSIDE THE MUSEUM. For your tyres/frying oil and grease, meet us OUTSIDE THE MUSEUM, in front of the stand linked to your troc : STAND RECYTYRE for your TYRES or STAND VALORFRIT for your frying oil and grease.

How many tickets are available ?

Be careful ! The amount of free tickets is limited for EACH TYPE OF TROC.
• For the BATTERIES : 200 tickets will be available everyday.
• For the BULBS AND SMALL ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES : 300 tickets will be available every day.
• For the TYRES : 150 tickets will be available everyday.
• For the FRYING OIL AND GREASE : 30 tickets will be available everyday.

Recycling Art!

Art Truc Troc & Design is going to be the first exhibition where it is possible to trade access to culture for a valuable action in favor of the environment. We find this winning trade approach – an action for the planet for a free access to an exhibition – important on the practical as well as on the symbolic side. 

Visitors will get the opportunity to trade for their ticket to the exhibition with recyclable objects such as batteries, lightbulbs, home appliances but also car tyres and even frying oil!

Art Truc Troc & Design’s commitment doesn’t stop here for this 2020 edition. Artists have been encouraged to produce works made from recyclable materials or reusable objects in order to show that the recycling-reusing principle could be translated anywhere, including in art and, of course, in our daily life. Other creators were invited to use big environmental challenges as subjects for the works they will be presenting. 

Although Art Truc Troc & Design wants to help raising awareness and engage the public with its approach, it also aims to encourage the visitors to take part in these changes. In order to do so, many workshops tackling various issues will allow the visitors – from the youngest to the oldest – to use and showcase their creative talents with recyclable and reusable materials. The visitor becomes the actor! 

*a limited number of free tickets will be offered by each partner as part of the action. More information 

Recycle your TRUC and feel free to make a TROC

16th edition of ART TRUC TROC & DESIGN

One of the flagship event of Bozar highlights contemporary art and design in an unusual atmosphere : you cannot buy a piece of art with money but exchange it !

Come and exchange the piece of art that you like. A trip to the sun, an original work, the realization of a website or a private exhibition … the only limit is your imagination!

The Wolubilis Cultural Center – Commissioner for the Visual Arts – and a jury of professionals select each year hundred emerging and confirmed artists.

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