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Art Truc Troc & Design 2022

Our artists of this 2022 edition

Here are our incredible artists of this 2022 edition


  • STURBOIS Cassandre

    Born in Brussels, Cassandre travels and discovers different cultures from an early age. She then fell in love with photography. She studies and experiments with it in different fields, from a technical, pedagogical and artistic point of view. Today, she specializes in portraiture, and continues to nourish her passion by seeking new approaches, tackling new questions.


    TomArt, 35, is a painter from Charleroi. He only wants to mess with one of your nerves, the optic nerve. TomArt makes Op-Art abstract paintings. Everything is just games with color gradients and shapes, this allows you to create a dimension and an effect of depth. Color is a vector of joy, leaving it free of form allows everyone to appropriate it.


  • DUFOOR Arthur

    Arthur Dufoor, from Brussels, practices classical abstract oil painting. At the center of this approach, the fluidity and aggressiveness of the colored shapes and the love for the old masters. After studying in Ghent, he had his studio in Westende. Obtaining a master’s degree in 2020 from the Luca School of Arts. Dufoor exhibited his work among others in the Witte Rook, the Kunsthal and LaVallée.

  • Brieuc Cardon de Lichtbuer

    Brieuc Cardon was born in Brussels and has always been immersed in art. His research focuses on movement, light and colors. Made up of straight lines, his “living works” create surprise and questioning, and evolve in space and time with the viewer. His style is part of kinetic and optical art. It offers to consider different points of view and invites movement, change.


  • Caroline COCHAUX

    A graduate in Photography, Caroline Cochaux needed to share her view, express her feelings. Personal photos. Favorite subjects: nature & its gifts, portraits of places, atmospheres, silhouettes, movement, his gaze rests on light & natural shadows. Nature in the box represents escape during confinement but also the fragility of nature & the return to basics.

  • Sironval Elise

    Graduated from La Cambre in 2004, she lives in Liège and participates as a visual artist in many artistic projects. She grew up between Lorraine, Ardenne and Gaume, and her memories are imbued with a feeling of infinite nature. Strange universes, dreams, childhood memories nourish his unconscious. In her drawings, she transposes emotions with expressive, intense and magical colors.


  • Gilliane Warzée

    Gilliane Warzée was born in 1977 in Bastogne. His art focuses mainly on faces, the exploration of colors, expressions and the energy that emanates from them. The oil and the knife combined with the aerosol allow him to build his characters on the canvas, bringing power and emotion to their features, according to his interpretation of reality.

  • Collet Guillaume

    Self-taught with a perfectionist tendency, I have been painting since 2020. After photography, I now practice abstraction and minimalism in painting. In the purest hard edge style, I compose my canvases with lines and simple geometric shapes, striving to make them as clean and as precise as possible.


  • Hanna Ilczyszyn

    Hanna Ilczyszyn is a Polish artist who lives in Brussels. She studied at KASK in Ghent, Be and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Pl. She has exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions in Asia, Europe and the United States. Hanna is one of the artists One to
    Watch chosen by Saatchi Art, which promotes designers who are already drawing attention to their work. Attention for their work. She has received numerous artistic grants and awards.

  • Louis Ingrid

    Architect, Brussels-Basque Spanish… a “Zinneke”, Ingrid Louis has been concentrating for two years on her graphic research, combining different techniques: charcoal, ink, monotypes; cameraless photography; shots using her afghanbox that she built during the first confinement and which never leaves her. Always on the lookout for new worlds, she plays with the unexpected.


  • Jean Pascal Bredenbac

    Born in France in 1961, he studied drawing, graphic design, advertising and photography in Paris. Born in France in 1961, he studied drawing, graphic design, advertising and photography in Paris. He alternately uses paper, metal, canvas or mirror depending on the subject.

  • Jo Michiels

    Jo Michiels (1977 Lokeren) studied painting at the Ghent Academy and lives and works in Ghent. Jo begins to compose his paintings from (retro)pornographic photographs. He is inspired by photographed bodies and specific colors. His abstract paintings are compositions of geometric shapes, colors and organic lines.


  • Johan Van Mullem

    Self-taught, Belgian, Johan Van Mullem works in Brussels and elsewhere. He draws, he paints, he sculpts, he engraves, and he has always written. Whether it is a fresco or a miniature, he escapes, he escapes mixing faces, landscapes, colors, figuration and abstraction in search of light and movement. He also happens to meditate for a long time in a graphic narration.

  • Julie Rousseau

    Franco/Belgian plastic artist -1975- Graphic designer. Bachelor in Visual Communication at Saint-Luc Tournai. Exploration of visual arts in an obsessive way alternating/mixing mediums and supports. Installations, sculpture, paper art, painting, ink and ceramics. Graphical reflections with minimalist and repetitive visual interpretations.


  • Marc Dedye

    Primary school teacher for almost 30 years, I have never taken Art classes but I have always fed on comics. It was in 2019 that I enrolled at the Boisfort academy in screen printing where I flourished by making images of Brussels, news or having the theme of origami.

  • Adrienne Penasse and Marianne Oosthoek

    Adrienne Penasse and Marianne Oosthoek were born in 1954 in Brussels. Together, they made La Cambre in textile design. In 1975, Marianne and Adrienne created a workshop, only to be separated. 5 years ago, they met again, and decided to broaden their research and go back to textile wall creations. They then create works from what comes to hand.


  • Michaël Mund

    Active since 2006, he has never stopped exhibiting, whether in Europe or on the other side of the continent, a pop-style figurative art through which he likes to arouse reflection, all inspired by his daily life. For a few years now, he has been mixing his daughters’ work with his own. He finds that it brings another dimension to his universe, a continuity in his work.

  • Miguel Moran

    Miguel Moran is an Urban Voyeur. Observer of his time, he is in search of the present time. What better place to observe one’s fellow human beings in their diversity than the subway, where this condensed humanity finds itself and mixes. For twenty years, Moran has wandered there with his camera and collected moments of life that he then transcribed in his very realistic paintings.


  • Pablo Avendaño

    Pablo Avendaño is a multidisciplinary artist based in Madrid and Brussels. He has exhibited his works in Europe, the USA and China, at events such as Apertura Madrid, Photoespaña Festival, Miami Bridge Art Fair, Shanghai International Arts Festival or Scope Basel, and galleries such as Martine Ehmer in Brussels, RL Fine Arts in New York. or Aranapoveda and Materna y Herencia in Madrid. Lecturer at the Wolubilis Center in Brussels, he is a member of the jury of several art prizes.

  • Nejm Halla

    Originally from Charleroi, Nejm Halla is a real one-man band. A man of spectacle, but also of heart, and of words, who juggles with images, ideas, life. Lucid, committed, rebellious, but also generous, overflowing with optimism and confidence in humanity. He is a multidisciplinary artist, a free electron, a free-thinker, defender of Human Rights, a secular and feminist activist.


  • Franz Baden-Baden

    Waking up from restless dreams, Franz Baden-Baden began to draw insects. He repeats the same pattern until his mind wanders, the lines bend.
    Self-taught, curious and jacks of all trades, he draws insects, customizes objects, produces frescoes, performs, upcycles and creates sculptures by assembling recycled religious objects or children’s toys.

  • Pierre Vasic

    Pierre Vasic, visual artist, practices photography and photoengraving. Born in Uccle in 1956. Screen printing course at the Academy of Drawing and Decorative Arts of Watermael-Boitsfort 1972/1974. Graduated in visual arts, photography section, at the Communal School of Image Arts “Le 75” in Brussels completed in 1979. Workshop “vrije grafiek” RHoK Academie Etterbeek 2015/2022.


  • Stéphane Egret

    Trained as an engineer and designer, Stéphane has naturally adopted a formal and structured visual language, combining solid shapes, clean lines and solid colors. Navigating between pure abstraction and minimalist representation, his almost sculptural work gives pride of place to order and clarity, exploring notions of simplicity, complexity and immediacy.

  • Sarah Vandersteenen

    The Youpie Factory is an image reappropriation factory. His main subjects are human beings who, with the help of sometimes scabrous stagings, seem to be in search of a form of recognition. By materializing them, in particular through painting, it is a question of contributing to this need to exist, while questioning, in a surge of pop culture, the nature of this artificial necessity.


  • SEXTOYS Chloé

    SEXYTOYS is the combination of two artists from Brussels. He is an illustrator by training and has worked in the cinema since 1990 as a storyboarder, set designer and scriptwriter. She is a midwife, sexologist, designer and collagist. The idea is to mix their universes in a kind of exquisite corpse, a graphic deliquescence where the compositions are uninhibited.

  • Olivier Legrain

    Trained as an illustrator, Olivier Legrain specialized in fantasy imagery before branching out into storyboarding. He collaborates on the design of sets and produces storyboards for commercials, cinema and series including Netflix. He writes screenplays including the film Dikkenek.
    We will emphasize the work of the lights, obviously reminiscent of certain cinematographic atmospheres.


  • Jérôme Désert

    Jérôme Désert (1973), lives and works in Brussels. Drawing is a daily practice, leaving traces of what happens, what happens. The three drawings presented are made in India ink. Automatic writing of an imaginary wandering where the perspectives are distorted by the exhaustion of the gesture, they are an invitation to get lost in a landscape where only the gaze can wander.

  • Véronica Barcellona

    Visual artist, her approach translates into experimentation on varying media through different subjects stimulated by her rants and her favorites. Color, material and light are omnipresent in his creations because they give rhythm, shape and give depth to the subjects created. Polymorphic artist, she offers you in her artistic universe a personal mythology!


  • Thomas Dielman

    Thomas Dielman likes a painting to be part of the household as an indispensable part of the basic equipment. A table, a bed, a flat screen and a blackboard. The difference is that there is only one of your boards in the whole world and the board has chosen to open its windows to you. This means that, like any other object, it will fall or get dirty and suffer the waves that you will have to face.

  • Corinne Lecot

    Corinne Lecot is a visual artist based in Brussels. She is interested in human activity and often focuses her reflection on movement, traces and imprints. She produces works on the border between testimony and pictorial expression, often using the photographic medium as a means of examining the perception of reality and the place of men and women in their environment.


  • Valeria Maksimova

    Valeria Maksimova born in Moscow, lives and works in Brussels. Interior designer and artist, she is a graduate of ENSAV de la Cambre and the Academy of Fine Arts of Watermael-Boitsfort. Since 2001 she exhibits in various galleries and participates in Contemporary Art fairs. Valeria explores in her art the interaction and cohabitation of ordered structure and movement.

  • Alexandre Van Praet

    Graduated from ESA Saint-Luc Bxl in interior design in 2018, it was during this training that Alexandre Van Praet acquired an attraction for aesthetics and architecture. Photography has always been a hobby for him and it was only with the discovery of urbex that this hobby became a passion. Since then, he has been wandering the night and the ruins in search of unreal places and intriguing atmospheres.


  • Anna Touvron

    Anna Touvron likes to play with shapes and textures, and relaxes to create anthropomorphic pieces. These faces reflect a past of passionate encounters under a flood of delusions and artistic dreams. Round eyes, suspicious mouth, beard or big ears, the character of each element composing these laughing, astonished or grimacing faces are recognizable but enigmatic in the eyes of visitors.

  • Natacha Brion

    Natacha Brion (1969, Brussels). Pursue a scientific and artistic career in parallel. Her practice is based on the creation of sculptures/installations that strive to make the invisible visible by playing with the physical/evocative properties of matter, by modifying scales/perspectives and by emphasizing the lines of force of natural/architectural structures. complex.


  • Najib Rissaoui (aka SAWY)

    Najib Rissaoui aka Sawy was born in 1988 in Charleroi. He practices in several fields such as painting, graffiti, sculpture, or 3D canvases. In 2014, he exhibited permanently at the Filleul Galerie in Charleroi. The opportunities then multiplied: exhibition for Alfredo Longo in the “Heart 2 Galery” gallery, participation in the 2016 edition of Art Truc Troc, Art Up Lille and the Affordable Art Far in Brussels.

  • Hervé Penhoat

    Painter without brushes, Hervé Penhoat participates in a relationship to reality whose temporality, nature and imagination are at the heart of his work. This visual artist and Doctor of Art and Science of Art takes us on a journey out of time while taking a look at today’s society with the restraint and measure that establish the relationship to the world.


  • Benedicte Pirenne

    Graphic designer by profession, Bénédicte Pirenne joined the Academy of Fine Arts in Arlon in the painting section, then in the drawing section. She traces, erases, superimposes, scratches, … retraces, organizes the disorder to create another reality, another writing, a joyful, colorful and free chaos. A hide-and-seek with support in search of movement, energy, balance and light.

  • Martin Coiffier

    Martin Coiffier’s paintings take as much from the world of cinema in which he has always been immersed, as from the romantic and impressionist pictorial heritage. The forests he depicts are a reflection of the reality he captured through photography, but also offer a gateway to an imaginary universe built by the different levels of manipulation he brought to it.


  • Merad Surviladze

    Born in Georgia, Merab studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tbilisi. He creates an original version of abstract painting that is conceptually based on the shadow metaphor. The artist asks questions about the singularity of shadows and their possible meanings. In 2019, Merab was invited to participate in the “PERSONAL STRUCTURE” exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

  • Claire Picard

    Claire Picard About 35 years after my studies in painting at the ENSBA in Paris, I started sculpting. My research has evolved from the pictorial gesture to the creation of volumes. I like to capture light, play with shapes in their space, work, recycle, distort, deform, decompose, restructure, build, elaborate… The most diverse materials. Gradually the textile fibers are essential.


  • Liesbeth Willaert

    Liesbeth Willaert is a Belgian contemporary artist known for her bold, colorful and geometric “”sunny”” acrylic paintings. His works reveal, inspire and connect this “joie de vivre” with each audience. His unique style is due to the specific tension or “”dance”” as he calls it, between organic and geometric shapes. She has exhibited in New York, Paris, London, Monaco, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Belgium. @liesbethwillaert_paintings

  • Stefan Radu

    Radu Stefan is an artist who uses several methods of expression: photography, painting, land art, paper… His work gravitates between sky and Earth, between light and shadow. His research focuses on the human, the man in the city, in nature and on a larger level – the man in the universe. But Radu Stefan is best known for his sky blue hat and CUT OUT 3D & Light boxes works. Backlit boxes, cut out of paper, a meticulous and delicate work that won him twice the PUBLIC PRIZE for his work: 2018 and 2020.


  • Katia Cardon

    My sculptures speak of the human being and of being human. Humans in a world without codes, without conventions, without standards, without constraints. They symbolize people sharing joy, wonder, or just a moment in time. Their forms are free and organic versions of people. I try to find a balance between the essential forms, by erasing some but not too much, by carrying out an internal fight to preserve the energy, the vitality and the initial spontaneity and by accepting their non-conformity.

  • Caroline Purgal

    Caroline Purgal graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels-Ecole Supérieure des Arts in 2015. It is impossible not to underline his fascination for an art with erotic connotations. Nothing about her is “politically correct” the themes chosen are a risk-taking, her way of questioning conventions and DOXA. For her, the work and the life, weave close connections, maintain assumed complicities.


  • Lili Desrues

    Graduated in Textile Design in Paris, I continued my training at ENSAV La Cambre in Brussels. It was in 2014 that I turned to embroidery. I have since decided to specialize in haute couture embroidery and beadwork with Lunéville crochet, in Gold embroidery and in relief called “Stumpwork” at the Royal School of Needlework (London). It is by discovering all these traditional know-how, their richness and their technical complexity that I wanted to exploit them through my universe with more contemporary references. Combining technicality and creativity, through embroidered objects, accessories and surfaces

  • Michel Cerfont

    Michel Cerfont is a graduate of the Institut St Luc and ESA le 75 in Brussels. In his work, the architectural image, an evocation of a structured reality, rubs shoulders with the imaginary. Duality between architectural geometry and lyricism of mineral fragments. Like a goldsmith, he invites us to enter into a perception close to meditation. It is the beginning of a journey towards man and his interior lands.


  • Eleni Ikonomidou

    Eleni Ikonomidou was born in Istanbul and raised in Athens. She graduated in literature in the Netherlands and in painting and engraving at the Academy of Watermael-Boitsfort. She has participated in many exhibitions. In his art the line is omnipresent. By creating non-descriptive organic forms, she is the common thread that leads the gaze to the roots of memory and of the self.

  • Benoît Lallemand

    Benoît Lallemand is an interior designer, was Professor of Design at ESA St Luc Brussels. Provoking an encounter between opposing realities pushes the limits of its spatial narratives. Questioning, shaking up the certainties of propriety and the balance of political correctness stimulates his curiosity. Playful diversions for waking dreams, raising suspicions about too much reason…


  • Patrick Zélis

    Born in 1983 in Brussels, I found in photography an excellent way to express what I feel. My photos mainly focus on the urban environment. I am interested in lines, shapes and colors and I look for the play of light and shadow. My main goal is to offer a new look at ordinary things by creating clean and graphic images.

  • Nuria Della Rosa

    Nuria is an artist with a degree in visual arts who lives in Brussels. Her work highlights the link between intimacy and otherness. Through his landscapes and his characters arise universal themes. His creation reveals a dreamlike world where psychological, graphic and pictorial links are gradually developed.


  • Virginie Aerts

    Insect studies: Created at the limit of the real and the imaginary to arouse curiosity and the desire to protect these specimens. Made from recycled paper, cut, sewn, glued and shaped. The past of paper is tamed to make it last. The paper reflects well the delicacy of passing time.

  • Araceli Zampieri

    Originally from Bolivia, it was in Belgium that I found my way, that of art. From 2006, I took drawing and painting lessons at the Academy of Drawing and Arts in Molenbeek; then at the Beeldende Kunsten Academy in Anderlecht. Since then, by means of a very diluted pictorial material, I like to associate the beauty of nature, human sensitivity and music on generally large-format canvases that engage my whole body. These themes, I suggest them in order to create a dialogue between the figurative and the abstract.


  • Stéphane Dillies

    I am a painter. I love pictures and I collect them. I also like to question what I see. Trashcans can become interesting, or old comics can come back to life thanks to my recompositions. Other television or internet images appeal to me: I paint them to witness my time. What matters to me and pleases me, I paint it, I “scroll” life.

  • Petsch Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Petsch, multifaceted artist, mixed media 1983-1988, Master of graphic design & communication, La Cambre, Brussels 1995-1997, Master of business and innovation, Polytech Faculty, Mons. Artistic approach that tends towards a universal language and seeks to free itself from conventions and aesthetic constraints. The Andy Warhol Foundation is fully aware of my bold artistic creations a strong advocate of freedom of expression.


  • Bérengère Bordet

    Bérengère Bordet has been a freelance graphic designer for 20 years and a computer graphics teacher. His professional career crosses corporate communication agencies, comic book publishing and magazine press. Her current work consists of mixing old engravings of bodies and figures with typography and floral motifs. She wonders about the lost link between man and nature.

  • Pierre Moreau

    Pierre Moreau comes from fashion and advertising, but here he is freed from all constraints, having to serve only his gaze and his sensitivity, relying on his extraordinary experience in the production of images. Never has the distinction between painting and photography seemed so tenuous to us in front of these images so skilfully composed, with exquisite colors, with so studied nuances, which recreate the collective dream facing the sea.


  • Nicolas d’Oultremont

    Nicolas d’Oultremont is a Belgian artist. Graduated from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion, passionate about body and movement. He combines theater and sculpture and seeks to create a relationship between the work and the viewer. The artist offers us an observation of the human being in his daily life.
    Each of his creations expresses an intention in the movement and suggests an emotion in its interpretation.

  • Déborah Toussaint

    The material fascinates her… metal, glass, earth, porcelain paper… it allows a return to oneself, to the essential. It is a strong and exhilarating experience, however, she admits to having a particular affection for metal. Origami is one of his sources of inspiration. He is interested in the form and dynamics it generates.


  • Robert Quint

    Robert Quint born in Stuttgart in 1973. He studied painting from 1993 to 98 at ENSLAV La Cambre, Brussels. In 1996, he obtained a scholarship at MICA, Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in the United States. In 2010-11, participated in the residency at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. Robert Quint exhibits both in Belgium and abroad. Robert Quint creates a mixture of poetry, humor and critical reflection.

  • Amandine Gilles

    I am 35 years old, graduated in Art History, I am a painter, author and trainer. My studio is located in Brussels where I paint large format abstract canvases in oil. My creative process is inspired by the teachings of the Bauhaus, with the objective of making a link between color, light and emotions by appealing to each person’s faculties of perception and imagination.


  • Laurence Gonry

    Graphic Arts in Saint-Luc Liège, Engraving at La Cambre. The Spacepafpaf is a space gun, a colorful “pafpaf”, as in the illustrations of toys derived from 50s anticipation films. I work with engraving but also with textiles, especially crochet. My favorite subjects: everyday objects that shrink or grow in a world of wonders, animals and unlikely creatures, charms with a beautiful eye, puppets that are not at all clear,… For Truc-Troc, I present to you a triptych of “Cuckoo Clock”, these are free interpretations of vintage cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest. Each cuckoo clock is a small house, a small chalet that tells you a story, … Which? Mine? Yours? That of our childhood?

  • Luc Medard

    Luc Medard Récup’art has been an assembler and sculptor for over twenty-five years. Without really knowing where he is going, creation is for him a mode of expression, it pushes him towards another becoming of the object, a “revisitation” of childhood, an adaptability to the strange that borders on the never seen. , the common, known everyday object becomes unique and likeable.


  • Kathleen Steegmans

    Kathleen Steegmans lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. She graduated with an MFA in 1998, but didn’t think she had what it took to become a working artist. In the years that followed, Kathleen trained as a graphic designer and started a creative agency. In 2018, she returned to artistic creation. Kathleen’s work has a strong connection with femininity, grace, sensuality, abundance, manifestation, joy.

  • Nadège Denoz

    In her still lifes, Nadèje seeks to bring out delicacy and poetry beyond the apparent languor of her fixed and ephemeral floral compositions. His favorite subjects: all or almost, the still, the movement, the nature, the urban. To those who know how to contemplate, everything is beautiful. Nadège lives and works in Brussels where she studied art and advertising.


  • Maya Cox

    The freshness of his creations based on popular imagery, beyond technical limits, plunges us into a dreamlike, tropical atmosphere, sublimating common memories. Woman of the future playing with the past, she studies all possible approaches from her “Graphic Studio”, Le Baiser de la Crevette, epicenter of a work that surprises visitors with its aesthetics, and, above all, its perpetual audacity.

  • Elizabeth Bronitz

    Painter, engraver. Member of the Kasba workshop, professor of the engraving workshop of the Académie des B-A de W-Boitsfort. Numerous exhibitions, winner of the Carcan Gravure 2022 prize. He participated in Truc troc in 2007/8 with neo-pop paintings. He practices litho and metal, his medium is wood (xylography) in colour, in large format, fluo/black colour, he mixes flat areas and figurative drawing/strips.


  • France Paquay

    France Paquay – Photography – Liège. Interested in relationship and human nature. Has a particular interest in social reporting and portraits, closely linking human nature and street people in his work. She does not seek to embellish reality, but to restore it with derision. She questions everyday life, banality, “little people” … in intimate relationships.

  • Lauranne Van Naemen

    The work of Lauranne van Naemen expresses this language without borders, without translation, without grammar that is Art. Time and space merge in the breath of the drawing instrument and the song of the brushed paper. Current contrary to the rapids of today, Lauranne listens, contemplates, decants the beauty of the world that her hand, sensitive and strong, transmits. His hand that holds the instrument of creation. This hand reaches out to us.


  • Paul Kenens

    Paul Kenens paints layer upon layer of photorealistic oil paint. Mainly characters, women, children and themselves. A touch of surrealism is sometimes perceptible. The painting presented is his gaping version of the canvas that King Henri IV would receive from his ex in revenge for his marriage to Gabrielle d’Estrées. Sadly, she passed away a week before the wedding…

  • Michel De Bray

    Michel de Bray seeks to sublimate the curves of the female body through a poetic exploration by presenting them sometimes abstractly, sometimes landscaped. He lets his sensitivity express itself in a dark, sober, elegant, mysterious form, tinged with blacks and grays, embellished with textures that are both blurry and silky. A slow journey into the superficial depths of the softness of the epidermis…


  • Sylvain Delbecque

    The work of Sylvain Delbecque explores the phenomena of perceptions, natural phenomena. Questioning us about our sensitive relationship to matter, to our sense of observation, to the movement of our body and the space surrounding us. Weaving invisible links between the different elements that he was able to observe and collect. And where it draws its sources, such as the sciences.

  • Céline Bataille

    About Anatomy. Céline Bataille. Screen printing. 2020 – 2022. In this series, Céline Bataille uses screen printing to reveal the intimacy and multiplicity of the human body. It reveals an accumulation of organs, anatomical drawings, which represents our emotions, a whole which forms our life. It is also to reveal what we all have within us, what makes us who we are, human beings.


  • Jean-Philippe Braam

    If the artistic expression of Jean-Philippe BRAAM (1957) passes today by the brush, for many years it was his privileged tool in the exercise of his profession of restorer of paintings. Tempted for a time by the formal asceticism of Concrete Art, he assumed the idea that his creation could not end up rejecting the forms of nature, however little figurative they may be. MVL 2020

  • Solange Appelmans

    Passionate about textile possibilities, Solange has imagined and created a personal technique with which she has made, among other things, bowls.


  • Dario Pilato Childhood and nostalgia. All of them had a Kinder in their hands, shook the egg, waited for the surprise. The characters are attached to each other and seek to find a place for themselves. All look alike but fight for their uniqueness, which makes them a reflection of our society.

  • Simon Malotaux

    Simon Malotaux is a visual artist working in Brussels. He restores without superfluity the forms he observes. Through a rigorous choice of colors, he brings softness to these utopian landscapes. He sculpts the frames that echo his painting. In this search for simplicity, SM offers a peaceful space in which the spectator can immerse himself.


  • Tshalan Dayan

    The bodies tangle and unite, following a circular movement. One seems to protect the other. They form a cocoon in which reign tenderness, generosity and love. Through this series, I present human relations as the pillar of a just and inclusive society.

  • Louis Nelson

    When we are born we are already subject to a past. This may or may not impact our future. In my case, I preferred to use my present to bring out the past, hoping to shape a future. It’s all in the “collective memory”


  • Martine Grynberg

    This series is part of a research on square cutouts, deeper and deeper so a play on black deeper and deeper. It brings out an unusual architecture, different seen from above and from the side between temple and beehive. The old directories (white or gold pages) are folded page by page to develop their volume, reveal the color of the edges and shimmer the light. The aged white pages give a texture, close to nature, like a bale of hay.

  • Simon Malotaux

    Brussels photographer Vincent Peal made a name for himself with the electro rock band Emma Peal. To make portraits is first of all to get closer to others and to transmit moments of life. In the street, I saw dozens of faces, each telling incredible, tough, beautiful, funny and sometimes complicated stories; but, in these faces there is a whole universe to discover and it is through the photo that I try to describe the human in all its sensitivity, its poetry, its fragility, its dramas, its absurdities, its emotions…


  • Bruno Andrea

    My artistic work consists of creating geometric shapes using mathematical theorems (Cardiode + Polytope) and tangles of threads. The base is made of wood and the nails are arranged evenly around its perimeter. On the wires, I applied a special glue to make them last longer over time. These mathematical theorems can also be found in the path traveled by planets in the universe or in plants, an example being the shape of a sunflower. The geometric design that forms can also be called a mandala. This figure is represented in different cultures or religions but it is called differently. These drawings are symbols that represent the beauty of the universe and the microcosm of man

  • Natalie Arsenow

    Natalie Arsenow holds a master’s degree in plastic arts. Over the past 2 years, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions and also had several solo exhibitions, all in and around Brussels, where she has been living since 2014. Prior to that, Arsenow resided in Paris, Leuven, Seoul and Los Angeles. Currently, the artist is refining his signature style as well as exploring different ideas and methods.


  • Isabelle Mertens

    I am a trained photographer and decorator in the cinema. Observing life, nature over the seasons, photographing people here and elsewhere, imagining their lives is a treat and an infinite source of inspiration. A pleasure renewed each time. Poetry before our eyes, everywhere!

  • Jérôme Jasinski

    Inspired by the fathers of optical and kinetic art, Jérôme Jasinski (born in 1968) creates the surprise of a puzzling 3D through his graphic and playful works. After a few years as an advertising photographer, he turned to cabinetmaking, which he studied for 4 years. Having become a professional in the creation of furniture and design objects, (1995) he devotes his weekends to creating his first original works to become, for a decade, a full-time artist.


  • Célia Ducaju

    My work mixes art and science and questions the notion of the invisible and the visible. My approach seeks to create a work between analytical view and dreamlike atmosphere. Inspired by scientific research as well as paintings and sculptures from past centuries, my paintings fix their subjects in compositions suspended in space and time.

  • Dominique Christoffel

    After 25 years of production and audio-visual production, Dominique Christoffel began, from 2007, a career as a scriptwriter at the same time as a painter, with a first triptych with aboriginal influences which have since given way to a more figurative painting, which strips away little by little, to concentrate on the representation of light, a transversal theme of his work.

  • Delphine Dupuy

    By means of a figurative work on paper, combining pencil drawing, gouache and embroidery thread…, I attempt a reflection on the intimate and social body of the individual. Here, I propose groupings of female figures captured in the most everyday postures. To what extent are they caught in the network of threads that connect them?
    And what about us who look at them?

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