Art truc troc

February 3-4-5, 2017


Thanks voor your visit to Art Truc Troc & Design and see you next year!

12th edition of ART TRUC TROC & DESIGN
This flagship event at the beginning of the year has once again been organised within the prestigious circuits of Bozar on 5, 6 and 7 February 2016. The ASBL Artdynamik, the Wolubilis Cultural Centre – Commissioner for Plastic Arts, the MAD Brussels – Commissioner for Design, and Bozar have come together enthusiastically to honour contemporary art and design.
In total, more than 300 works of certain budding and established artists, selected by a professional panel, will be exhibited. With paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings, engravings and setups, this is an occasion to (re)discover the current scene in Belgian art, as regards plastic arts as well as design.
Special edition: unprecedented focus shall be given to Street Art! Art Truc Troc & Design rolls out the red carpet for street artists via a range of graffiti, interactive workshops, photo exhibitions and live paintings, which will certainly put a new spin on the contemporary art exhibition.



Artdynamik vzw/asbl
102, Av. E. Plasky
1030 Bruxelles
Tel. 02 741 63 20
Fax 02 741 63 29

**A concept of **: Mon De Rijck and Carl De Moncharline

Organiser: Serge Vanderheyden:

Organiser: Julie Delbeke:


  • 04_Region Bxl
  • 05_Fédé Wall Bxl
  • 06_COCOF
  • 07_Ville Bxl
  • 08_loterienational
  • 09_blanc
  • 10_Blanc
  • 11_blanc
  • 12_blanc
  • 13_blanc
  • 14_Post-it
  • 15_Duvel
  • 17_Redbull
  • 19_IKEA

  • 15_La premiere
  • 16_Pure fm
  • 28_Viva Bruxelles
  • 29_Hotel Bloom
  • 30_Immoweb
  • 31_Woluwé culture
  • 32_quefaire
  • 33_white
  • 34_LA DH
  • 35_LA LIBRE
  • 36_Le Vif
  • 37_Focus
  • 38_Stib
  • 39_Out
  • 40_Invicta
  • 41_Brussels Life
  • 42_visitbrussels
  • 43_Filigranes
  • 441_Yelp
  • 442_YOUDO
  • 445_taktik
  • 45_Alpaga
  • 46_VanHecke