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Art Truc Troc & Design 2020


Art Truc Troc & Design through the years.


Young artists decided to join forces to defend two principles, namely to provide each other with effective help, and to give the general public an opportunity to get to know them and to familiarise themselves with contemporary art in the process. The young sculptor Mon De Rijck (Ninove 1943) is a staunch advocate of this movement. He created the “Mécénat démocratique” [democratic sponsorship] to promote the work of his colleagues better. The latter entity organises exhibitions for artists free of charge and affords private individuals an opportunity to rent one or more works of art. The cultural committee of Woluwé-Saint-Lambert engaged in cooperation with the “Mécénat démocratique” to house the first “Galerie de Prêt d’ Oeuvres Art (GPOA)” [Artwork Lending Gallery] in Belgium, in the Château Malou in that municipality in 1972. More than 200 artists participated in different activities, including the “Truc Troc” which has been held in turn at the Woluwé Shopping Centre, in different centres of An-Hyp, at the headquarters of the Brussels Bank in Ghent, the Centre for Fine Arts, in groups of 2 or 3 at the Château Malou, and the “Madame Bollinger” prize.


The first Truc Troc was inaugurated by the artists Mon de Rijck and Charline Mahy at the Château Malou and was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the 1975 season in Brussels.


Given the resounding success in 1975, the Galerie de Prêt d’ Oeuvres Art (GPOA) repeated the Truc Troc. Nearly seventy works could thus be swapped.


Thirty years later, this event was revived at the Centre for Fine Arts with more than one hundred contemporary artists, some of whom took part in the first editions. There was a great turnout, with nearly 4000 taking part in the event to



On this same principle, the initiative registered phenomenal success: no fewer than 8,000 visitors turned up for this artistic, musical and festive event over a weekend.


The success of the 2006 edition would not be outdone,, with 8,000 visitors filled with enthusiasm thanks to the originality of the exhibition.


For its fourth edition, Truc Troc broke all its records by attracting more than 10,000 visitors in one weekend! A triumph that delighted many a person, thanks to the wide variety of ingredients that made this event very lively indeed!


This 5th edition broke new ground and will be remembered for years to come. 15000 visitors were able to discover more than 200 selected artists. In fact, more than 300 works, in all disciplines, were exhibited on the weekend of 31 January in the majestic halls of the Grand Circuit at the Bozar (Centre for Fine Arts).


This cult event, by now, attracted more than 17000 visitors who braved the cold and the 250 metre queue to come and stroll through an exhibition full of surprises, have a drink and a bite to eat, thanks to the extraordinary effort of our partners, in an “intimist” setting. This edition, on nearly 1600 m² of exhibition floor space at the Circuit Royal of Bozar, hosted 215 artists exhibiting more than 300 works, where 35,000 post-it booklets were distributed.


The 7th edition benefited from an additional day and a more intricate circuit in terms of space, to include more artists and more attention getting possibilities. For this edition, nearly 700 applications were received from which the best works to be swapped were selected. The space was structured in a way to enable everyone to capitalise on the different environments: a Nespresso tasting corner, Vedett and Red Bull bars, etc.

Truc Troc 2012, BOZARBruxelles, Belgique


The new year proved rich in innovation. Truc Troc become Art Truc Troc!


For its 9th anniversary, Art Truc Troc beat all records. It should be said that no effort was spared to attract the public. In addition to the exhibition, and its ultra original concept, we decided to introduce performance of all types. The public beckoned the call, as we welcomed more than 20,000 people in 3 days.


The year 2016 will  go down in history with its special edition “Street Art”. Variation of graffiti, interactive workshops, a photo exhibition and live paintings have complemented the exhibition of contemporary art in an original way.


Art Truc Troc & Design 2017 sees things in a big way by dedicating a focus to Perspective Art through a variation of works, activities and new encounters related to the creative universe of many artists: trompe-l’oeil, illusions , 3D, anamorphoses, deformations, depths, shadows and lights, .. exclusively for visitors, the exploration of a giant labyrinth in the heart of Bozar!


Known to everyone for its unique concept, Art Truc Troc & Design has become the unmissable event of the beginning of the year. During this new edition, a new focus was devoted to Body Art to unveil the body (and what we do with it) in all its aspects, with special guest Jean-Luc Moerman.